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Space offers spectacular missions to distant planets, and it is also an indispensable driver of innovation for the economy. With the “New Space Economy” the space industry has embraced new business models and private investors. Satellite infrastructures for navigation, Earth observation and communication are the growth markets of the space industry. They form the nucleus for a multitude of new products, services and young companies.


SpaceStarters by FunderNation GmbH enables private investors to invest directly and professionally into trendsetting companies. Our longterm experiences as professional investors in the venture capital business help you to assess return opportunities and risks as well as to build your own investment portfolio.


SpaceStarters works exclusively with Europe’s largest international innovation network of the “New Space Economy”. The goal of the cooperation is to constantly extend the investment portfolio with new promising companies.


The innovation network generates more than 800 business models per year, which build on satellite-based infrastructures or space technologies. In the context of a Europe-wide programme with more than 40 business incubation centres, a variety of these business models has been implemented by start-ups.


This offers numerous advantages for SpaceStarters investors:


  • Early identification of the most promising investment opportunities

  • Risk mitigation by qualified and professional support from the AZO network

  • High visibility and innovative perception of the companies




Investment Profiles

Hohes Risiko, hohe Rendite

1. High & High

High risk – high potential return


Mittleres Risiko, mittlere Rendite

2. Medium & Positive

Medium risk – attractive potential return


Geringes Risiko, sichere Rendite

3. Low & Solid

Smaller risk – calculable interest income






Invest In Space Categories  


In IT Unternehmen Investieren


Satellite production and operation


Products and Services

Satellite-based products and services



Technology transfer from space



International Space Station ISS



Space exploration and beyond





Building an investment portfolio

Please consider the fact that all investment opportunities on SpaceStarters contain substantial entrepreneurial risks. The risks vary based on the investment profile on the one hand and from one company to the next on the other hand. The names of the investment profiles help navigate the risk structure and please check for the individual risks of each business in the risk chapter of its business plan. It is potentially always possible that a company is not successful and that the invested capital cannot be paid back to investors.

For that reason, it is advisable to distribute the money you consider to invest across a number of companies, ideally in different investment profiles. By building your own portfolio of investments, the failure of one company can be compensated by the positive development of other investments in the portfolio.


Considerations for building an investment portfolio

The principle of “all eggs in one basket” increases the risk of total loss. Research shows, that proper diversification requires 10 investments or more. We therefore recommend to build an investment portfolio over time. It is advisable to not put more than 10% of the overall amount you would like to invest into a single company.

Investments in companies that are not traded on a stock exchange cannot be sold on short notice, as there is no trading platform for such companies. The money invested is not liquid during the term of the investment. For that reason, a good rule of thumb is, to not invest more than 5%-10% of your personal assets in illiquid investments.

Leveraging the investments made on SpaceStarters will increase your risk: loans will have to be paid back to the lender, irrespective of the success of your investment or results in a loss of capital. For that reason, we highly recommend not to finance your investments on SpaceStarters by taking up a loan.


The role of SpaceStarters

The SpaceStarters website is an online platform operated by FunderNation GmbH. Companies can use it to introduce their business model and find investors. Investors have the opportunity to participate in the economic success of companies in three different categories (start-up companies, growth companies, established companies) through subordinated loans. Details of the loan contract depend on the investment profile (see also the investment profiles).

The selection  of companies presented on SpaceStarters is based on documentation provided by the companies. FunderNation GmbH undertakes a screening before admitting a company to its online platform. The screening focuses on specific parameters, which we have developed on the back of our 20 years of venture capital investment experience.. FunderNation GmbH does not take responsibility for the correctness of the documentation provided by the companies, nor that the companies fulfill the screening criteria throughout the duration of the fundraising campaign.

Each investor needs to validate the  chances of success of a business presented on SpaceStarters for himself / herself. The information about a company on the platform is exclusively provided by the company. FunderNation GmbH is not responsible for the validity of the business model or if the company will be able to fulfill investor expectations. In order to facilitate the assessment of investment opportunities, we have developed a number of key performance indicators(KPIs) based on our long standing investment track record. In addition to the business and financial plan, these performance indicators will help to evaluate the potential of a business. The standardised KPIs also help to compare different investment opportunities. The final investment decision rests exclusively with the investor.

FunderNation GmbH provides the companies with appropriate methods to determine the valuation of the business. These have been chosen based on the published Valuation Guidelines of Invest Europe - the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association - that have been globally adopted by institutional investors. Fundernation GmbH verifies the correct deployment of the valuation methods by the companies. A decision, whether the resulting valuation is appropriate for the business, rests with the investor. Here you find a description of the valuation methods (LINK)


Risk advice

Please read the chapters „building an investment portfolio“, „considerations for building an investment portfolio“ und „the role of SpaceStarters“ carefully. They contain important risk advice.

Further details on the risks related to investment can be found in §5 „Risks associated with investments“ of the „Terms and Conditions for Investors