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Deep Space Industries

Going to change the economics of the space industry

Invest In Space Category: Exploration

Investment Profile : High & High

Location: Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Deep Space Industries

Deep Space Industries is developing innovative technologies that will enable the space industry to take advantage of an unlimited supply of in-space materials through asteroid mining, reducing our customers' operating costs and increasing their growth potential. DSI's asteroid mining technologies also have near-term applications for existing satellite platforms, creating an ecosystem of technologies now, that can be supplied by space resources tomorrow.



We don´t build rockets, we don´t do astronomy. We are explorers, harvesters, makers and suppliers. We will transform the economy of the future by providing the right products, in the right location, for the right price. We will supply the space companies of the future with water, fuel, and supplies – even as we supply the space companies of today with the technologies they need to expand the frontier.

As every investor knows, timing is everything. And for space, right now is that time! Deep Space Industries provides investment exposure to the fastest growing segment of the space economy, small satellites, while also providing a solid business plan for building a supply chain for the future.


By investing here on SpaceStarters you participate with an virtual share on the success of the whole Deep Space Industry Group!


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Investment Summary

Planned return on investment
(target case)
22% IRR (internal rate of return) p.a.
Planned return on investment
(base case)
16% IRR (internal rate of return) p.a.
Subsidiary loan term 31.01.2027
Payback date 31.01.2027
Date interest payment At the end of the term
Pre-money valuation 22.960.000
Sales Volume 2016 10.000.000
Funding minimum 250.000
Funding maximum 1.000.000