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Hybrid-Airplane Technologies GmbH

Exploration / Communication / Observation

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Location: Baden-Baden, Deutschland

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Hybrid-Airplane Technologies GmbH

h-aero®  is a completely new and patented hybrid aircraft that combines the advantages of the three proven flight concepts of airplane, helicopter and balloon and eliminates their disadvantages. Hybrid Airplane Technologies has already developed and completed two aircraft systems, the h-aero®  zero and h-aero®  one ready for sale. Compared to conventional "drones", h-aero®  is far superior in terms of flight endurance, safety, payload and capabilities. This proves especially in the field of agriculture and forestry. Surveillance flights which were previously only possible with manned systems, can now be executed with the h-aero®  as the first unmanned system (UAV). For the client, this means a cost saving of around 20 times and a low-emission and friendlier option due to noise protection and no CO2 emissions.

The h-aero®  flight systems are designed for professional use and can perform multiple tasks in parallel. For example, several different cameras (night vision, infrared and thermal imaging cameras) can be transported and evaluated at the same time. In the medium to long term, the h-aero®  concept will serve as a satellite replacement and elevation platform to bring telecommunications to remote parts of the world and avoid future space debris.

For the first time in civil aviation history, a completely new flight concept is being scaled up commercially from small dimensions. The resulting technical knowledge should minimize future development costs and investment risks. In the next three to four years, larger scales will make it possible to carry people. Initial talks have already been held with Boeing and Airbus. Other well-known customers such as SAP, Allianz, WIRSOL, Deutsche Bahn and Lufthansa Technik are already convinced.

With h-aero® , the air transport of sensors, goods and people will be much cheaper, safer and more environmentally friendly. In addition to classic fields of application, such as inspection flights over solar and wind power plants or the investigation of large agricultural areas h-aero®  also offers completely new possibilities in the area of long-term observation and permanent data collection from the third dimension.

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Planned return on investment
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67% IRR (internal rate of return) p.a.
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53% IRR (internal rate of return) p.a.
Subsidiary loan term 31.12.2022
Payback date 31.01.2023
Date interest payment At the end of the term
Pre-money valuation 2.800.000
Funding minimum 30.000
Funding maximum 200.000


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With your investment you are entitled to participate in our contest. Among all participants we are giving away a limited h-aero® zero "SpaceStarters Edition". Further information as well as the conditions of participation will follow soon under the tab Updates on the campaign profile. Good luck to you, your h-aero® team!

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From an investment of 1,000€ you get 5% discount for the purchase of a h-aero® zero.

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Meet the team with a flight demonstration
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Meet the founders of h-aero® at an event of the Hybrid Airplane GmbH and get a deep insight into the future of flying. Control a h-aero® and convice yourself of the easy use.

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From an investment of 2,500€ you get a 15% discount for the purchase of a h-aero® zero.

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Receiver can choose one of the rewards.

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