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Stuart McIntyre

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  • Orbital Access

    Future Small Payload Launcher: Access to Orbit

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    Orbital Access
    AT 12:03 pm
    Dear Damien,A brief personal message from all of us here at Orbital to thank you for your support and generous investment with us. We greatly appreciate your faith in our project and hope that we will be able to bring this programme to the global market. Please do feel free to communicate with Stuart or myself anytime on our e-mails shared previously.Many thanks, Edmund
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    Orbital Access
    AT 11:22 am
    Hi Damien,I wanted to confirm your enquiry was responded to as there have been issues with email reaching us through the platform?If not, our response was that as a Company we have a global outlook and presence with relationships in place across Europe, America, and the Far East and can incorporate easily if necessary through our (majority) European investors into any European jurisdiction if necessary. Our ties to Malta, Luxembourg, and Germany are quite strong for this purpose and we carry European Board members.More than this, the primary relationship which we have with ESA is unaffected by Brexit as ESA is a separate organization from the European Union and completely independent - Britain remains a full member of ESA and is the 4th largest contributing country in Europe after Germany France and Italy though a great deal of financing is collaborative aerospace work through EADS from the UK.Please don\'t hesitate to email us directly with any other queries you may have sent to either our CEO or myself, earcadian@orbital-access.comKind regards,Edmund Arcadian

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