Space Origami Mission

Growing the first 3D DNA Origami Crystal in space

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Location: München, Deutschland

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Space Origami Mission

Our award-winning team of interdisciplinary students wants to grow 3D DNA Origami crystals. Why do we need to go into space for this? So far it has not been possible to produce uniform crystals from the new and innovative nanomaterial DNA Origami on Earth. One possible reason could be earth gravity. It is known, however, that microgravity has a positive effect on crystal growth. The International Space Station (ISS) would offer us the unique opportunity to study the behaviour of the material in microgravity and to exploit its positive effects on growing a 3D DNA Origami crystal.

In a Germany-wide competition prompted by AIRBUS Defence & Space, the most exciting and innovative scientific experiments were sought in order to bring them to the research facility “Space TangoLab” on board the ISS. Our international team of graduated students of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), united by the fascination of space travel, was able to convince a demanding jury of experts and thus win start-up funding for a successful crowdfunding campaign.

In 2019, we want to conduct a fully automated experiment on the crystallization of DNA origami nanostructures onboard the ISS.

These crystals will make it possible to break new ground in robotics, computer science, materials science, medicine and drug development.

With your help we want to tap the enormous potential of DNA Origami crystals for robotics, nano-computer technology, materials science, medicine and smart drug development.

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Postcard from the Kennedy Space Center
25€ or more

Personal thank you-note from the team

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DIY Paper Origami
50€ or more

Get a beautiful paper and the instruction on how to fold it into a space themed origami structure

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2 x Mission-Patch
75€ or more

Two embroidered mission patches for you.

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Choose: Hoodie, T-Shirt or Cap
125€ or more

Dress like a team member!

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Participation in an exclusive tour
300€ or more

Tour ticket for one person at Airbus Defence and Space in Friedrichshafen

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Space Origami Set
500€ or more

Consisting of a t-shirt, a hoodie, a postcard, a DIY paper-origami and a mission patch.

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Silver Sponsor
2.500€ or more

Your logo will be shown at public appearances of the team and can also be seen on the teams t-shirts and hoodies.

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Gold Sponsor
7.500€ or more

Your logo will graze a whole side surface of our ScienceBox! Additionally, we show your logo on a roll-up at public appearences!

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Platinum Sponsor
10.000€ or more

We fabricate a 3D print of a DNA Origami structure for you, which we would love to deliver personally.* The pedestal has a personalized engraving. Size about 20x10x15 cm

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Origami Lotto *
15.000€ or more

At which position in our ScienceBox will we see crystal growth? Choose your favourite structure and name your crystallisation approach. The most successful crystallisation approach wins a dinner with the Space Origami team!

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17.500€ or more

We bring your DNA to space! Donate us one of your eyelashes , which we will use in one of the crystallisation approaches as a polymerization seed.

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Space Origami ScienceBox Trophy *
25.000€ or more

A side of our ScienceBox (which has been to the ISS) on an engraved pedestal with personal delivery.

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Experience the rocket launch as a VIP with the team
50.000€ or more

You can be at the Kennedy Space Center when our experiment is sent to space. Two VIP tickets for the launch in October 2019. The tickets will be delivered personally from the team. You can spend the launch day as part of the team the team wearing your personalized team wear.

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*The availability of this reward depends on the successful launch and/or retrieval of the experiment to/from the ISS. Since we have no control over the external factors governing a rocket launch or capsule landing, we cannot guarantee its fulfillment.