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SpaceStarters is a crowd investing platform for companies and investors who count on the trendsetting space sector.



Crowd investing – the innovative way of financing


Crowd investing is an attractive alternative to fund your business. Your innovative idea is supported by the crowd – an online community of small and large investors. This characteristic has numerous advantages:



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Marketing multiplier

Each investor is a multiplier who contributes to raise the awareness for your project.


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Interact with the wide-ranging network of the crowd and use the feedback for business development.


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Entrepreneurial control

The investors participate in the successful business development, but do not hold any shares or voting rights of the company. Your company receives subordinated loans with profit participation from the investors. Thus, the control stays entirely in your hands.


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More equity, more security

Qualified subordination allows to treat the subordinated loans as equity. Thereby, the access to additional financing resources is also facilitated.



The optimal financing model


SpaceStarters customises the financing model to the individual company and revenue situation. No matter if you are a startup, a dynamic growth company or an established market incumbent – with our three investment profiles – we have the right solution for you.


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1. High & High



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2. Medium & Positive



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3. Low & Solid




Why SpaceStarters?


The SpaceStarters crowd investing platform is based on longterm experiences in venture capital and the largest innovation network of the “New Space Economy” in Europe. We support your campaign with our expertise in a professional and transparent manner. You benefit from our network twice: you get access to suitable investors and the awareness of potential partners and customers for your company.


Are you pursuing a subsequent financing? For us as a professional partner that does not create an obstacle. On the contrary, we welcome co-financing with VC and Business Angel Investors – both for your first round of financing as well as for subsequent financing rounds.


Contact us at (


Your application


We are looking for startups and established companies who pursue an ambitious vision, enthuse with trendsetting ideas and products in the field of space and have a scalable business model.



After submitting your application documents (short presentation including KPIs), we provide you with first feedback within 48 hours. Please send your application to (



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Do you have further questions? You find the most frequently asked questions within our FAQ.