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Three-Dimensional Microdosimetry for Space Exploration

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Location: München, Deutschland

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The manned exploration of deep space will require humans to live and work aboard spacecraft or in habitats for prolonged periods of time, especially in future missions to the Moon or to Mars. Unlike today and during the Apollo era, mission durations will probably be measured in years rather than weeks or months. Despite many years of experience in manned spaceflight, these long-term deployments still pose numerous challenges, not only technologically but also from a medical perspective. Especially the effects of an extended exposure to high levels of cosmic and solar radiation are not yet known well enough to fully understand the associated health risks.

Our 3D-DOS experiment shall test new radiation-sensing technologies that could help to overcome this challenge. It comprises three novel dosimeters capable of characterizing the radiation environment aboard spacecraft with high angular and temporal resolutions. In cooperation with kiwi Microgravity and Space Tango, we are working hard to get the experiment ready in time for a launch to the International Space Station (ISS) in early 2020. Once there, 3D-DOS will operate for several months inside the TangoLab facility.

We are a team of PhD students at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), supported by several of TUM’s renowned professors.

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Sticker with Mission Logo
50€ or more

Three stickers with our mission logo.

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Mission Patch
100€ or more

One mission patch plus one sticker with our mission logo.

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T-Shirt with Mission Logo
200€ or more

One T-shirt with our mission logo, plus a patch and a sticker.

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Small Sculpture from Scintillator
500€ or more

A small sculpture carved from the same material our dosimeters are made of! It glows in the dark when illuminated with UV light. You also get a patch and a sticker with our mission logo.

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Large Sculpture from Scintillator
1.000€ or more

A large sculpture carved from the same material our dosimeters are made of! It glows in the dark when illuminated with UV light. You also get a patch and a sticker with our mission logo.

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Your Name on Our Experiment *
2.500€ or more

Your name engraved onto our experiment box! You get a photo of the box on the ISS, plus a patch and a sticker.

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Your Logo on Our Experiment *
10.000€ or more

Your company logo engraved onto our experiment box! You get the piece of the housing with your logo on it to show to your colleagues or customers, plus a patch and a sticker.

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A Visit from Us
20.000€ or more

We pay you or your company a visit for a presentation about our work and face-to-face talks with you and your co-workers or employees. Depending on availability, we may bring the kiwi Microgravity team or one of our supporters along.

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VIP Tickets for a Rocket Launch from Cape Canaveral
50.000€ or more

Accompany us to the launch of our experiment from Cape Canaveral in Florida! You get two VIP tickets, granting you access to areas usually not available to the public. This is your chance to be as close to a rocket launch as only few people in the world get to be! To be properly dressed for the occasion, you also get two T-shirts with our mission logo. (Travel and accommodation not included.)

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Exclusive Access to Our Data *
75.000€ or more

Be among the first to see the results of our experiment! We install a display at a location of your choice (must not be accessible to the general public) that shows the data of our experiment in real time. That means you get to see what we see!

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*The availability of this reward depends on the successful launch and/or retrieval of the experiment to/from the ISS. Since we have no control over the external factors governing a rocket launch or capsule landing, we cannot guarantee its fulfillment.