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Orbital Access

Future Small Payload Launcher: Access to Orbit

Invest In Space Category: Products and Services

Investment Profile : High & High

Location: Prestwick Airport, United Kingdom

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Orbital Access

Orbital Access is developing the Orbital 500R launch system to enable a high growth revenue service delivering small commercial orbital payloads to low earth orbit. We want to create a targeted commercial space launch service business with global operational outlets where we deliver small payload horizontal launch services and other related space services to satellite service based businesses and other space mission customers.  With the support of the UK and European Space Agencies we are developing the launch technologies and systems utilising a broad and capable supply chain of specialist technology and capability suppliers. The Orbital 500R is a two stage to orbit satellite launch vehicle that is capable of delivering payloads up to 500kg. It is a globally deployable air launch system that will be available to the global market by utilizing the growing network of horizontal take-off spaceports around the world; providing access to global customers in their own geographies and able to serve different commercial applications that require the full spectrum of orbit inclinations.

Our vision is of a global commercial horizontal space launch services company providing responsive affordable and capable access to space over many decades through a strategic roadmap of technological development exploiting the existing platform of decades of capability development in the UK, European and International aerospace industry.

The funding will be for the development of a new re-usable satellite launch system to service the needs of the “New Space” commercial customers sending satellites and payloads to low earth orbit.

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Planned return on investment
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59% IRR (internal rate of return) p.a.
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30% IRR (internal rate of return) p.a.
Subsidiary loan term 31.07.2023
Payback date 31.07.2024
Date interest payment At the end of the term
Pre-money valuation 8.429.500
Funding minimum 35.000
Funding maximum 2.000.000