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16.04.2018 / Founder for the space / This  video is only available in German

Reutlingen is now a new branch office of the European Space Agency ESA. The h-aero was exclusively booked by ESA for this very special event..


14.04.2018 / Successful order for h-aero at the joint event of the IHK and ESA / Tagesblatt This  article is only available in German

The European Space Agency ESA is setting up a field office for start-up companies in the Technology Park. The h-aero incl. Branding was booked exclusively for the opening


13.04.2018 / Technology not only for space / SWR Aktuell This  video is only available in German

On behalf of ESA, Hybrid Airplane was in the technology park in Reutlingen at the opening of a center for founders of the European Space Agency ESA.


13.04.2018 / Reutlingen becomes a space This  article is only available in German

Successful order for h-aero at the joint event of the IHK and ESA


01.03.2018 / What is cute, emission-free and can fly? / Mobility Mag This  article is only available in German

It is not a helicopter, no plane, no hot air balloon, no cute alien and no drone. The aircraft H-aero does not fit in any drawer. And that is exactly what could make H-aero big.


18.02.2018 / Race into the space / Süddeutsche Zeitung This  article is only available in German

The "Süddeutsche Zeitung" interviewed the CEO of FunderNation about the topic space travel. Space travel was also always the case of the state in Germany.  But thiat changed. Privat investors firing rockets to the space, and start-up companies are developing techniques for living on the moon. Suddenly, old future dreams within reach....


03.02.2018 / With the Flying Frisbee to Mars / This  article is only available in German

Manned flying based on renewable energies: A Stuttgart start-up is developing a kind of flying Frisbee - a green mix of airplane, helicopter and balloon. The idea is praised as a future solution in air traffic.


01.02.2018 / VC BW Pitch Stuttgart: The best start-ups promote money / This  article is only available in German

At the VC-Pitch BW event organized by the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, high-tech founders from the areas of IT, health and biotechnology as well as technology are soliciting investors. H-aero took fourth place here.


25.01.2018 / h-aero: vertically launched balloon aircraft / This  article is only available in German

The conceivable applications are versatile. From the air transport of sensors or goods, to the manned flight or even as a terrestrial satellite.


14.01.2018 / A start-up wants to conquer airspace with universal aircraft / This  article is only available in German

Csaba Singer wants to conquer the airspace together with his partner Christian Schultze with this innovative flying object.


05.01.2018 / This startup from Baden-Baden wants to take off / grü This  article is only available in German

Balloon? Helicopter? Airplane? With a mixture of everything, two founders want to conquer the airspace in the future. Soon, the first series production will start.


05.01.2018 / Startup from Baden-Baden takes off / This  article is only available in German

He looks like a lenticular balloon. Fly fast like an airplane. And is agile like a helicopter: the H-Aero.


14.12.2017 / H-aero - reinventing flying / This  article is only available in German

Hybrid-Airplane Technologies GmbH developed a hybrid-flightsystem with higher payload and flight duration than other drones.


14.12.2017 / H-aero - a hybrid-flightsystem / This  article is only available in German

Hybrid-flightsystem "H-aero" combines advantages of airplane, balloon and helicopter.


14.12.2017 / H-aero - targets mass production of Hybrid-Drone / This  article is only available in German

Hybrid-Airplane Technologies GmbH (HAT) started a Crowdinvesting campaign on SpaceStarters and targets a mass production for their Hybrid-flight-system.


14.12.2017 / H-aero - a revolution in flying / This  article is only available in German

The first flight system that is allowed to fly over human crowds.


27.11.2017 / SpaceStarters support ESNC-Baden-Württemberg Challenge /

The state winners of European Satelite Navigation Competition (ESNC) 2017.


22.11.2017 / Space Exploration Masters 2017 Results / 

Results of the 1st Edition of Space Exploration Masters 2017. The new competition dedicated to Space Exploration for innovative Business ldeas and Technology Transfer Success benefitting Earth.


28.06.2017 / Space Exploration Masters kicks off at Paris Air Show /

The Paris Air Show was the setting for the announcement of Europe's first innovation competition focused on space exploration. The 'Space Exploration Masters', launched by AZO on behalf of ESA, is looking for unnovative business ideas in space exploration that provide major benefits for the global society and the economy. 


26.06.2017 / SpaceStarters supports Space Exploration Masters / This  article is only available in German

The State of Luxemburg has awarded a prize worth 30,000 euros for the implementation of a Crowdinvesting campaign on SpaceStarters. On June 21st, the first innovation competition for space exploration, the "Space Exploration Masters", was launched at the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget.  


26.06.2017 / Luxembourg calls on new space innovation ideas /

The Luxembourg government and the initative will award two prizes worth a total of €430,000 as part of a European Space Agency (ESA) innovation competition.  


23.06.2017 / Crowdinvesting campaign for  Exploration Masters winner / This  article is only available in German

In order, to the Explorations Masters competition the Luxembourg state, is sponsoring the launch of a crowding-up campaign of the Space on, to support young projects in early-stage financing.


22.06.2017 / in the ESA "Space Exploration Master" Competition /

At the Pairs Air Show in Le Bourget on June 21, 2017, the European Space Agency (ESA) announced Europe's first innovation competition on space exploration, the "Space Exploration Masters". One of two awards will offer a crowd investing campaign on with a 30,000 euros value of service to prepare the campaign launch. 


22.06.2017 / SpaceStarters supports the Space Exploration Masters / This  article is only available in German

The State of Luxembourg is awarding a prize worth 30,000 euros for the realization of a crowdinvesting campaign on SpaceStarters. 


19.04.2017 / Luxembourg, serious about mining asteroids, prospects for Silicon Valley partners /

Deep Space Industries is working with Luxembourg on Prospector-X, a mission to test technology in low Earth orbit that could be used on future asteroid-hunting excursions. 


11.04.2017 / NASA in cooperation with Deep Space Industries /

NASA will pay DSI for technology to return mined minerals from asteroids to Earth’s orbit. DSI is developing a way to use aerobraking to bring minerals back to Earth.

06.04.2017 / Goldman Sachs hopes to build an 'asteroid-grabbing spacecraft' to make BILLIONS form mining precious metals /

The celestial objects are throught to be loaded with tonnes of precious metals and minerals, including pricey platinum, worth quadrillions on Earth. According to Business Insider the psychological barrier to mining astorieds is high, while the actual financial and technologie barriers are far lower. 


06.04.2017 / Goldman Sachs: space-mining for platinum is 'more realistic than perceived' /

Goldman Sachs is bullish on space mining with "asteroid-grabbing spacecraft." In a 98-page note for clients seen by Business Insider, analyst Noah Popnak and his team argue that platinum mining in space is getting cheaper and easier, and the rewards are becoming greater as time goes by. 


24.03.17 / Airbus Defence & Space invites to "SpaceDataHighway" Competition / This  article is only available in German

Companies can still apply for the participation at "SpaceDataHighway - announced by Airbus Defence & Space - until the end of the month. The competion links to the space company's satellite communication system and pursues the expansion of the application portfolio with the help of innovative ideas created by the competitors. 


24.03.17 / Airbus Defence & Space shouts out for the "Call for Ideas" / This  article is only available in German

The countdown is running- till the 30.04.17 companies can sign up and take part on the "SpaceDataHighway Challenge" advanture. The "Enter the SpaceDataHighway" Challenge is a contest of Airbus Defence & Space to forster the innovation and expansion of the application portfolio for the most ambitious and forward-looking satellite-baste communicationsystem worldwirde- the "SpaceDataHighway".


24.03.17 / "SpaceDataHighway" Contest calls for tender / This  article is only available in German

Airbus Defence & Space shouts out for the "Call of Ideas". The space company Airbus Defence & Space has called for tender to expand the application portfolio of "SpaceDataHighway", a high technology satellite-based communicationsystem.  


20.03.17 / Deep Space Industries reveals Prospector-X spacecraft /

US-based asteroid mining company Deep Space Industries (DSI) has recently revealed a new spacecraft called Prospector-X. The spacecraft, which takes the form of a smalö satellit, will be used to test a number of new technologie which will be usefull for future asteroid mining. DSI aims to eventually capture and harvest mineral resources on asteroid mining.


24.02.2017 / NASA Establishes New PPP to Advance US Commercial Space Capabilities /

Via Satellite announces Deep Space Industries as one of two advanced companies, selected by NASA and partners. The cooperation will receive benefits for both.


15.02.2017 / Investment opportunities in the NewSpace industry /

The initiators Uli W. Fricke and Thorsten Rudolph discuss the investment perspectives in the NewSpace industry.


02.02.2017 / Airbus Challange / 

The second placed project will receive a prize of € 25,000 to start a Crowdinvesting campaign on SpaceStarters


21.01.2017 / Why Asteroid Mining Is Closer Than You Think​ /

Why is asteroid mining so popular and which role does Deep Space Industries play here?


19.01.2017 / Airbus searchs for ideas for an innovative satellite communication system / This  article is only available in French

The second winner gets rewarded with €25.000 to launch a professional CrowdInvesting on SpaceStarters in order to finance the realization of an application for the "SpaceDataHighway"


19.01.2017 / Airbus reward the best idea for the "SpaceDataHighway"/ This  article is only available in Spanish

The initiative was launched with the support of the European Commission (EC) and the European Space Agency (ESA).


19.01.2017 / Airbus Defense & Space starts call for ideas - "Enter the SpaceDataHighway" /

With the world's first commercial data relay service, up to 40 terabytes of data can be transmitted in real-time.


19.01.2017 / Airbus starts the challenge "Enter the SpaceDataHighway" / This  article is only available in spanish

The second placer will receive a prize of € 25,000 to start a Crowdinvesting campaign at to make the ideas a reality.


19.01.2017 / Airbus opens the competition "Enter the SpaceDataHighway" / This  article is only available in polish

The competition is open to small and medium-sized enterprises, new companies (start-ups), business people and students who want to participate in this adventure, and turn your business idea around the "SpaceDataHighway".


19.01.2017 / Airbus starts the "Enter the SpaceDataHighway challenge /

The SpaceDataHighway is a unique system of geostationary communication satellites that, in conjunction with laser-assisted ultra-wideband communication, provides a secure data transfer almost in real time, which means that delays in data transmission are now a thing of the past.


19.01.2017 / "Enter the SpaceDataHighway" competition starts / This  article is only available in german

"SpaceDataHighway" is one of the most ambitious and forward-looking satellite communications systems in the world. Since the 23rd of November, it has been sending massive amounts of data in real time through space.


17.01.2017 / Attractive Call for Ideas of Airbus Defence & Space für Startups, Entrepreneurs and students / 

An amount of €25,000 will be provided to the second winning idea to launch a crowdfunding campaign on the SpaceStarters platform.


17.01.2017 / Airbus launches "Enter the SpaceDataHighway" challenge / 

The SpaceDataHighway is a unique space communication system combining ultra-broadband laser communications in geostationary orbit to deliver a unique, secure, near real time data transfer service - making data latency a thing of the past.


17.01.2017 / Airbus relies on space communication system​ / This  article is only available in polish

Airbus announced a competition called "Enter the SpaceDataHighway". Its goal is to develop the new system of space communication, which is based on "innovation" based on laser technology.


17.01.2017 / Airbus has announced a competition to create a space laser communication system / This  article is only available in russian

The European company Airbus announced an international competition Enter the SpaceDataHighway to create a unique space laser communications system, the winner will receive an investment of 75 thousand euro and support the business incubator Airbus BizLab, told RIA Novosti the representative of Airbus.


12.01.2017 / Airbus launches the "Enter the SpaceDataHighway" Challenge / 

The challenge aims to foster innovation for its brand-new laser-based space communication system. One of the winners will be awarded with 25.000 € to start a crowdinvesting on SpaceStarters.


12.01.2017 / Airbus launches Challenge for laser-based satellite communicaton system / This  article is only available in german

Airbus Defence & Space looks together with SpaceStarters for attractive business ideas for the utilization of the "SpaceDataHighway", one of the most ambitious communication systems in operation today. 


12.01.2017 / 25.000 EUR Price for a crowdinvesting campaign / This  article is only available in german

Airbus Defence & Space draws a attractive 25.000 EUR price to launch a crowdinvesting campaign at SpaceStartes


11.01.2017 / New CEO for DSI /

Deep Space Industries appoints new Chief Executive Veteran Start-Up Strategist Bill Miller to lead DSI as CEO. With an impeccable track record of growing technology companies, Bill brings game-changing approaches, solutions, and perspectives to DSI through his experience in defining, developing, and delivering results for dynamic organizations.


05.01.2017 / Mining Industry Looks to Space as Asteroids May Inspire the Next Gold Rush / 

Still in our atmosphere is a huge asteroid, which contains about 50 billion dollars in platinum in itself. The first companies are starting to develop the technology necessary to reach these treasures.


03.01.2017 / As Earthen Mines Run Dry, Could Space Represent The Next Mining Rush? /

What makes asteroid mining so lucrative in the future? Read more about this topic in the mention above article.


29.12.2016 / Luxembourg- Global Leader in Asteroid Mining /

Read about why Luxembourg, Partner of DSI, Is the Global Leader in Asteroid Mining. 


28.12.2016 / Podcast Deep Space Industries / This  podcast is only available in german

One of the famous german news had a closer look on DSI. Listen to the podcast and hear more about the New Space Economy and the history of asteroid mining.​


22.12.2016 / Space Race Milestones 2016 /

Read the year review of 2016 and with it Deep Space Industries as one of the biggest Milestones and Luxembourg invested in asteroid mining.


15.12.2016 / A step forward towards the space industry /

Deep Space Industries interview with the Letzenbuerger Gemengen and the topic how Asteroid mining could open up a wealth of new resources for humanity. 


14.12.2016 / How to make Space great /

You are wondering how to make space great again? President Trump, too. The Wired has the answer for him


09.12.2016 / Modern Day Space Race /

The futurism again about Deep Space Industries as the astreroid mining company in the modern day space race.


08.12.2016 / From Tassie to space, this man wants to mine asteroids / 

It’s how Daniel Faber starts most conversations: “I’m all about getting people off this rock.”.


07.12.2016 / DSI- One of the major player in asteroid mining /

The catchnews about the race to mine the moon and Deep Space Industries as the major player


23.11.2016 / CNN Tech about Deep Space Industries /  

Europe 2020- Luxembourg boldly invests in asteroid mining.


21.11.2016 / What's next for the space mining industrie? / one of the biggest space newspaper about DSI and and the future of asteroid mining


18.11.2016 / DSI- to probe near-earth asteroid / 

Forbes about DSI including an interesting interview with the CEO Daniel Faber.


15.11.2016 / New Space law in 2017 /

Innovation through the new space law.


11.11.2016 / DSI- depature to the treasures of space /  This  article is only available in german

The FAZ reported about Deep Space Industries and their innovations in the growing space segment.


11.11.2016 / DSI- main adopter in adteroid mining / This  article is only available in german

The biggest German financial newspaper about Deep Space Industries as the main operator in asteroid mining.


10.11.2016 / SpaceStarters- the new crowdinvesting plattform / This  article is only available in german

A detailed article about the uniqueness of SpaceStarters. 


09.11.2016 / Crowdinvesting for space based innovations / This  article is only available in german

The new crowdinvesting Plattform SpaceStarters focused on space based innovations.


27.10.2016 / Space Company from the Sillicon Valley / This  article is only available in german

Launch of the new Campaign of SpaceStarters.


26.10.2016 / Launch of SpaceStarters / This  article is only available in german

Uli W. Fricke, CEO presents SpaceStarters at the Satellite Masters Conference in Madrid.


26.10.2016 / The new CrowdInvesting Plattform / This  article is only available in german

The new CrowdInvesting Platform for space-based innavtions is live.


18.08.2016 / How to succeed in the asteroid business without really mining /


15.08.2016 / Asteroid Mining test in 2017 / 

The Cosmos Magazin about Deep Space Industries und their techonologie

"SpaceDataHighway" is one of the most ambitious and forward-looking satellite communications systems in the world. Since the 23rd of November, it has been sending massive amounts of data in real time through space.


The SpaceDataHighway is a unique system of geostationary communication satellites that, in conjunction with laser-assisted ultra-wideband communication, provides a secure data transfer almost in real time, which means that delays in data transmission are now a thing of the past.


Our press release

Our Press Release:

14.12.2017 / h-aero - reinventing flyingPress Release only in German available

H-aero is a revolutionary Hybrid-Flightsystem that combines the advantages of an airplane, helicopter and balloon. It eliminates the disadvantages of current flightsystems with higher payload and flight duration, and it is completely emission free.


22.06.2017 / "Space Exploration Masters" supported by SpaceStarters / Press Release only in German available

Europe’s first innovation competition on Space Exploration is looking for applications and services benefitting Earth until 8 September 2017. One of the prizes is for projects that are ready for early-stage funding. This award will offer a crowdinvesting campaign with SpaceStarters worth EUR 30,000 of services to prepare the campaign for launch.


24.03.2017 / Airbus Defence & Space ruft zum "Call for Ideas" auf / Press Release only in German available

Until April 30, 2017, companies can register with their idea for the use of the new data highway and thus participate in the adventure "SpaceDataHighway Challenge".


12.01.17 / "Enter the SpaceDataHighway" - Airbus Defence & Space schreibt einen mit 25.000 EUR dotierten Preis für eine CrowdInvesting-Kampagne auf SpaceStarters aus Press Release only in German available

The future-proofed Satellite communication system "SpaceDataHighway" is trasmitting since 23rd November 2016 large volumes of data in near real time through space. To foster further innovation in order to enlarge the application portfolio for this system, Airbus Defence & Space is issuing a call for ideas. One of the prices is a financial support of 25.000 EUR to launch a CrowdInvesting campaign on 


18.11.16 / - Interview with the initiators of the platform Press Release only in German available

During the launch event in madrid, we had the opportunity to speak with the two initiators of SpaceStarters, Uli W. Fricke (CEO of FunderNation) and Thorsten Rudolph (Managing Director of the AZO) about their cooperation and the investment opportunities in the New Space Industry


25.10.16 / - FunderNation launches CrowdInvesting Plattform for Space Innovations Press Release only in German available 

Today at the Satellite Master Conference in Madrid FunderNation launched in cooperation with the AZO - Anwendungszentrum Oberpfaffenhofen a new CrowdInvesting Platform, which puts its focus only on the high-tech aerospace industry. With Deep Space Industries, a new space company from the Sillicon Valley, got placed immediately one of the pioneers of the industry on theas launch campaign


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